AGS 8830

AGS 8830


The following basic safety measures should be observed during the operation, maintenance and repair of the instrument. If the notes, warnings or cautions specified in the manual are neglected, the basic protection provided by the instrument may be affected. Meanwhile, it may also damage the security level of the design and manufacture of instruments and the intended scope of application.

It is not allowed to change the parts of the instrument without permission, and the inspection and maintenance of the instrument must be completed by engineers licensed by Hangzhou AnYu Technologies Co., Ltd. If the equipment is not used in the manner specified in this manual, the protection provided by the equipment may be damaged.


  • Caution

The operations manual should be consulted in all cases where this symbol is marked. It must be consulted in all cases in which the symbol is marked, to know the nature of the potential HAZARDS and any action to be taken to avoid them.

  • Caution, possibility electric shock

The incorrect operation can cause electric shock or damage to the instrument.

  • Warning; Hot surface

The incorrect operation can cause burns.

  • Suggestion

The suggestion includes various operating tips and reasonable methods for setting up and using the instrument.

  • Environmental Protection use period

The EPUB (Environmental Protection Use Period) symbol is prepared in accordance with the Measures for the Control of Contamination of Electronic Information Products and Marking for the Control of Pollution Caused
by Electronic Information Products (SJ / T11363-2006) and is suitable for electronic information products
sold in China.

  • Biohazards

The reagent used in the position with the symbol attached to the instrument may result in a biohazard, and therefore, the protection will suffer.

  • Protective conductor terminal

The position with the symbol attached to the instrument indicates the ground terminal.

The instrument is characterized as follows:

  • Advanced semiconductor cooling technology is used to control temperature accurately;
  • 7-inch LCD screen, user-friendly operation interface, simple operation;
  • With the power-off protection function, continue to complete the unfinished procedures after the resumption of power supply;
  • USB 2.0 interface supports U disk to store data;
  • Large data storage and can store more than 1000 files.